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Longines replica watches Stefanie Graf, Longines’ golden retiree

Longines replica watches Stefanie Graf, Longines’ golden retiree

— Far from the court but still close to Cheap Replica Longines Watches.

ambassadeur Longines

Steffi Graf became Stefanie Graf in 1998. The nickname of a tennis prodigy is today the patronym of a 45 year-old lady who goes about her life far away from the tennis court but close to children, to whom she has dedicated her foundation. Longines replica watches UK supports it as part of a well-balanced sponsorship strategy.

“Tennis doesn’t really interest me any more. That chapter is now closed.” Stefanie Graf leaves little room for doubt when asked about her life in 2015. Visiting the Roland Garros tournament the former world number one acts as an ambassador for Longines in aid of children who have been traumatised by exile, war and violence. “Children for Tomorrow” her foundation, has been supported by Longines since 2008.

Such partnerships are not that common in the business of sport. Stefanie Graf, who earned some 22 million dollars in her career, married André Agassi in 2001, himself a winner of an additional 31 million. So it’s by no means a question of money.

Furthermore, both spouses manage their own foundation, both have retired from their sport and therefore offer much less media exposure than the current champions. So why engage with a couple that is doubtless still glamorous but much less visible than any other ambassador who is still active in the sport?

The key word is elegance

The official reply from Longines comes as one word: “elegance”. The brand groups its ambassadors under this heading, without necessarily communicating what the objective criteria for judging such “elegance” are.

In reality, the balance among the Longines ambassadors is subtle and comprises a mixture of visible stars and lesser-known but highly active personalities, in other words a mixture of form (media exposure) and substance (work on the ground by those who have retired from their careers).

This strategy started in 2007, when replica Longines watches took over tennis from its sister brand Rado. André Agassi signed up with the brand in the same year and was followed by his wife the following year. High-profile actors such as Simon Baker and Kate Winslet later joined the committed duo. And the Longines sponsorship model was born.

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From Roland-Garros to Kosovo

Stefanie Graf’s commitment is as deep as it is tangible. “We are based in Hamburg but we also work in Cape Town, Eritrea and Kosovo,” she points out. “We work with children who are sometimes not even two years old, with the help of psychologists and translators. We have a permanent team of 20 people who have already helped some 350 children.”

It’s easy to imagine what a return to the world of tennis by Steffi Graf would generate in terms of enthusiasm…and visibility for fake Longines watcehs UK. But the woman concerned dismisses this out of hand: “As a player, there is no question of it, I don’t play any more and in any case my body would not be able to withstand it (Editor’s note: Steffi Graf had already suffered major injuries and undergone operations to her back and knees in 1997 and 1998. As a coach I would be on the road for around 30 weeks of the year but today I have a husband, two children and a foundation. My life is already busy enough!” So only the legend of Steffi Graf remains, but given that she still has a loyal following of fans from 7 to 77 years old, it is still strong even 15 years after her retirement.

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The four seasons replica watches of Geneva in two months

The four seasons replica watches of Geneva in two months

— No, we’re not talking about the changeable weather in the home of Swiss Rolex replica watchmaking but a new photo exhibition that opens this week.

Over the course of a year, renowned Geneva-based photographer Christian Pfahl trod the route of the Geneva replica watches UK Tour to capture vestiges of the city’s great past as the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking in the architecture of the city centre.

Paul O’Neil

From Wednesday this week, the results of his work can be seen in an exhibition of 24 photos on display at the Cité du Temps in the heart of the city. Camille Gendre offers a sneak preview of the exhibition in her article and WorldTempus will be publishing the photos from the exhibition over the coming weeks.

Tomorrow you can read David Chokron’s interview with Guillaume de Seynes, Vice-President of Hermès International and President of la Montre Hermès, and Laurent Dordet, the new managing director of watchmaking at Hermès. Our mini-theme on the brand famous for its orange boxes will continue later in the week with a detailed focus on one of the cheap Swiss Breitling replica watches collections by Michèle Brunner.

As summer slowly comes to Europe, we see the first of the year’s yachting regattas. After covering Panerai’s Classic Yacht Regatta in Antibes last week, our focus turned to the Bol d’Or over the weekend. It is Europe’s biggest closed-water regatta, held every year on Lake Geneva, and is sponsored by Hublot. Camille Gendre braved the uncertain conditions on the lake just outside the watchmaking capital to cover the start for WorldTempus. You can read her report on the site later this week.

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Hublot Replica Watches For Sale Chen Man new Ambassador

Hublot Replica Watches For Sale Chen Man new Ambassador

— The international visual artist is the first female Chinese ambassador of the brand.

Hublot Chen Man

On 2015 June 5th, Hublot Fake Watches Sale welcomed a new ambassador from the world of art, Chen Man, the international visual artist. In her unique female artist’s perspective, she fuses fashion and art, creating a series of extraordinary visual art pieces.

As a world-renowned visual artist, Chen Man’s unique style has won her many awards in the international arena. She has worked with various front-line media, home and abroad, for covers, capturing light and shadow with her fine, subtle and sensitive instinct, bestowing unprecedented charm and character to already well-known faces. She fuses Chinese traditional philosophical culture and modern fashion, two concepts that seems contradictory, thusly, becomes a unique explorer of Chinese modern visual art. Chen Man interprets Hublot’s brand spirit of “be the first, unique and different” in the best possible way.

At the press conference, Chen Man shared her view of visual art as a female artist. Wearing the Big Bang Jeans Carat set with baguettes, Chen Man sat in front of the Chinese classic architecture. The commercial perfectly reflected the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The cooperation between Chen Man and Hublot replica watches UK goes way back. She has personal shot three brand ambassadors of Hublot: Bar Refaeli wearing her Big Bang Embroidery; Lapo Erkann and the Big Bang Unico Italian Independent watch, and Lang Lang, wearing his Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette watch.

Bar Refeali.
© Hublot replica watches ( Chen Man

Lang Lang.
© Replica Hublot Watches UK / Chen Man

Lapo Erkann.
© Hublot / Chen Man


Vontobel forecasts zero growth in 2015 replica watches UK

Vontobel forecasts zero growth in 2015 replica watches UK

Vontobel’s annual report on Swiss replica watchmaking is as eagerly awaited as “Le Messager Boiteux“, the country’s oldest almanac. As far as forecasts go, the private bank is predicting zero growth for the sector this year.

The Zurich bank has published the findings of three of its analysts in its eagerly anticipated annual report on the Swiss watch industry, titled Vontobel Luxury Goods Shop – Watch Industry. As always, the survey lifts the lid on secrets many would rather keep under wraps. Watch manufacturers are renowned for being less than forthcoming with information about their business. Vontobel lifts a corner of this veil of secrecy with its listings of production volumes and sales by the sector’s various players. Granted, these are only estimates but given the lack of published figures, listed companies included, they are seen as a reliable indication of which way the wind is blowing.

Advantage Richemont

The report looks ahead to a less than glittering year, as Vontobel forecasts export sales of CHF 22.3 billion, meaning the Swiss Rolex Replica watches industry will post zero growth in 2015. Coming after minimal increases of 1.9% in 2013 and again in 2014, the industry looks set to mark time in more ways than one. In what amounts to a rather morose climate, the Zurich bank is clear about where its preference lies in terms of share value, clearly preferring Richemont over Swatch, with the former expected to benefit from its dominant position in the jewellery segment, an activity that accounts for 30% of its sales and 50% of operating profits.

With production facilities located for the most part in Europe and the majority of sales in dollars, Richemont seems well positioned to improve profitability. This was already the case in the previous fiscal year, ended March 31st 2015, when operating margin rose by 140 base points to 25.6% for sales which climbed 4% to EUR 10.4 billion. As Vontobel points out, the Richemont group put in the second-best performance within the luxury segment over five years to end 2014, thanks to average annual growth of 10.8% (versus 13.4% for Hermès). Exchange rate volatility nonetheless weighed heavily on the group’s accounts last year, leading to a loss of EUR 686 million and a subsequent 35% fall in net profit to EUR 1.3 billion. Despite this, Vontobel remains confident, along with the stock exchange which has barely sanctioned the impact of currency swings on Richemont’s bottom line.

Group efforts

Even so, from a purely watchmaking perspective and based on 2014 figures compiled by Vontobel, Swatch Group claims the biggest share of the global market with 19% of sales (CHF 7.6 billion) ahead of Richemont (16% / CHF 6.5 billion) and Rolex (12% / CHF 4.8 billion). Fossil takes a surprise fourth place, having cornered 6.3% of the market; the group sold 35 million fake watches UK in 2014 for CHF 2.5 billion. This is more than total Swiss production of 28.5 million watches. The Japanese continue to give the Swiss a run for their money: Seiko, Citizen and Casio together generated sales of CHF 3.8 billion, cutting them a 10% share of the cake.

As for brands, Rolex takes pole position with CHF 4.5 billion in sales, well ahead of Omega and Cartier (see chart). Better still! According to Vontobel, the “brand with the crown” has succeeded in pulling even further ahead thanks to an excellent performance in last year’s buoyant American market, whereas Omega and Cartier are more exposed to the more sluggish markets of Hong Kong and China. To conclude, Vontobel notes that Swatch Group owns four of the top ten Swiss replica watches brands in terms of sales, and Richemont six of the top twenty.